Cania Anti-age Skincare Set

Cania Anti-age Skincare Set

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Boost your youthful radiance with the Cania Anti-Age Skincare Set. The perfect anti-ageing treatment to nourish, hydrate and soften skin that will have you looking facially radiant in just 2 weeks.

Cania's rich organic rose essential oil formula is packed with key moisturisers, antioxidants and collagen for you to enjoy luxurious, feel-good skincare without any of the side effects! 

Cania Anti-age Skincare Set Includes:

STOP-THE-CLOCK Anti-Ageing Essence (30ml)

A penetrating botanical essence designed to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. This concentrate is rich in antioxidants to restore your skin's radiant glow. 


Organic Rosehip oil
Organic Borage oil
Organic Argan oil
Organic Jojoba Oil
Kukui Oil
Organic Meadowfoam Oil
Olive Squalane
Sea Buckthoen Extract
Rose Essential Oil
Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Rose and Mulberry Hydrating Cream (40ml)

A deeply hydrating botanical cream that is antioxidant and collagen-rich. Formulated to revitalise skin for a soft, smooth and supple sensation.


Cold Press organic Plants Oil (Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Borage, Jojoba, Wheat Germ, Apricot Kernel)
Organic Shea Butter

Marine Collagen
Antarcticine ™
Hyaluronic Acid 1%

Mulberry Extract
L[+]-Ascorbic Acid
Sodium PCA 50% (Natural Humectant)
Vitamin B3
Vitamin B5

Rose Hydrosol Floral Water  
Rose Essential Oil
Grapefruit Seed Extract  

Cania Organique uses the power of nature to revitalise dry, ageing and sensitive skin. Our organic skincare products are ethically handcrafted from the finest raw ingredients. Keeping you safe from harmful chemicals and toxins.

We adhere to organic farming and traditional methods, combined with modern botany and the wisdom of the ancients, to develop and produce each product with our hearts. We guarantee zero addition. We strictly select natural organic cold-pressed vegetable oils produced in Australia to replace petrochemical oils, plant hydrosols instead of water, and curative natural flowers and plants essential oils to replace artificial chemical fragrances. We sincerely control the quality to make the skin closer to nature and let the true beauty evoke every wonderful moment of life.

Organic skincare products based in Australia

Discover Cania Organique's 100% organic skincare range. Ethically handcrafted from the finest raw ingredients. For real beauty as nature intended.

Our Story

The Cania brand began over two decades ago when, using all natural ingredients sourced from the landscape, the first range of Cania products was born. And today it continues as Cania Organique, with a safe and effective range of natural products, proven to heal sensitive skin.