About Cania Organique

Cania Organique uses the power of nature to revitalise dry, aging and sensitive skin. Our products are ethically handcrafted from the finest raw ingredients. Keeping you safe from harmful chemicals and toxins.

The Cania story goes all the way back to the late 1980s when young Pamela Wallis suffered extreme allergic reactions to synthetic skincare products. Not one to stand by, Pamela decided to fix her problem by creating her own range of skincare for sensitive skin like hers.

Pamela studied biochemistry, naturopathy and herbalism, and developed a vision for universal sustainable beauty. The premise that still underpins Cania today.

Through her studies and personal experiences, Pamela knew that the finest natural ingredients were the only thing that could heal her allergy-prone skin. She established a small farm and workshop in the pristine region of Cania Gorge, Queensland. And, as a sign of respect to the land that would heal her, Pamela named her first small batch of products Cania.

Cania has come a long way from those original handmade soaps, with today’s products sold throughout Singapore, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. Through the years, our product range has grown and been continually developed using industry leading research. Today’s naturally derived ingredients can perform as well (and better) than synthetic products that can cause nasty skin reactions.

Some of the ingredients we use include:

  • Antarcticine: an Antarctic glycoprotein that helps skin to retain moisture
  • Marine collagen: a collagen derived from seaweed that activates cells for anti-aging
  • Coenzyme Coq10: a strong antioxidant the firms skin tone and acts as a natural protector against UV rays
  • Sea buckthorn extract: an anti-inflammatory that helps ease skin allergies

From Pamela’s small workshop to today, the Cania products have retained their original premise – 100% organic and natural skincare products. No synthetics, no chemicals, no toxins, no allergies. Simply 100% natural beauty.

Sustainable beauty as 
nature intended

At Cania Organique, we believe that true beauty is natural beauty. We have created a range of products to nourish your skin and your soul, using the power of nature’s ingredients. Because what seems ordinary can be extraordinary. And that’s beauty the way nature intended.

Natural skin care for sensitive skin

The Cania brand began over two decades ago when, using all natural ingredients sourced from the landscape, the first range of Cania products was born. And today it continues as Cania Organique, with a safe and effective range of natural products, proven to heal.